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 GamingPlaza is born! But what is it?

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PostSubject: GamingPlaza is born! But what is it?   Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:14 pm

Hello, everyone. Today (August 19, 2011 for me) is the day that GamingPlaza is born! My username is Black_Hawk (which you should have guessed) and I have created this lovely forum! I hope to have many members, especially ones who are good with art on computers, so we can have some nice images! But wait, you want to know what this website is about? Well, I'll tell you. Here, we discuss everything about video games! It will take some time, but eventually we will have lots of topics to discuss video games!

Thanks for reading this little intro. Cool
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GamingPlaza is born! But what is it?
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